Bad Yoga Tattoos

We have seen countless beautiful yoga tattoos on people. However, when it comes to the practice of yoga, you need to be very careful that your tattoo doesn’t signify that you don’t really understand what yoga is. Here in the west, countless people practice yoga for little other than reasons of vanity. They want nice arms or to lose some weight, or whatever. They have no idea what pranayama is, what ahimsa stands for, and can’t close their eyes in meditation for more than 15 seconds without freaking out.

Here at we want to make sure that you don’t fall into a common pitfall and get a yoga tattoo that screams, “I have no idea what yoga even is.” If you’re obviously getting a tattoo for reasons of vanity, then you haven’t progressed very far in your yoga practice. Allow us to present three such tattoos so that you can get an idea of what not to do:

1. The following yoga tattoo is basically a tree coming out of the woman’s butt. The jargon for such a location is a “tramp stamp”. The reason for this is pretty much the only person who will see it is the guy behind you. The equal on a guy would be to get a tattoo near his nether regions. Think about a guy having an om symbol near his junk. Not a good idea is it? Neither is this:

yoga tattoo

2. The next bad yoga tattoo is basically the same thing, just a different design. Om is the sound of all things. Why have it right above your crack?


3. Our final tattoo of the day isn’t really a yoga tattoo, it’s just a very glaring example of what not to do for obvious reasons.

bad yoga tatooo

Getting a tattoo that in some way symbolizes yoga is great. But please, this will be a lifelong piece of art on your body. Make sure you don’t make a purely emotional decision. Really think through the design AND the location of where it’ll be going. You’ll be glad you did in the long run. Namaste.

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Om Symbol Sanskrit Tattoos

By far, the most well known of all Sanskrit symbols is the om symbol. If you see an om symbol on someone’s car driving down the road, you know they’re very likely a yoga practitioner and hopefully someone working towards becoming a better person. If you see an om symbol tattoo, then you know that the person is either a lifelong devotee or someone who made a very bad tattoo choice. Below are some of our favorite om symbols you can take to your tattoo artist to have turned into that perfect sanskrit tattoo. However, as always, be sure to do your research to ensure that the tattoo design is exactly what you want and means what you think. Remember, tattoos are permanent.

Om Symbol

sanskrit om symbol

Sanskrit tattoo

The design below is by far one of our favorite. Obviously the sun shape isn’t a sanskrit symbol, but the entire design with the incorporation of the om symbol in the center is fantastic and would make a wonderful sanskrit tattoo in our opinion. And of course, you can always print out the design to take to an artist friend to have them work with it to make it unique to your personal tastes.

Sanskrit tat

om symbol brass

om symbol for tattoo

om symbol tat

While I’m no sanskrit scholar, I don’t believe that the om symbol below is technically correct. However, I have included this tattoo design as I think it’s pretty cool. And for all I know, it may be the only correct symbol of the bunch, hahah. But please, as always, do your research to ensure you are getting what you think you’re getting.
om tat sanskrit




I don’t know that many tattoo artists could replicate the intricacies of the design below, but it sure is beautiful.




Let us once again reiterate that getting a sanskrit tattoo, or any tattoo for that matter, is a permanent, life long decision. Please be sure it is a logical decision and not purely an emotional one. We’ve seen too many people get tattoos that they later regret in life because their views changed. We wish you all the best.

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Om Yoga Tattoos

In yoga, the om symbol signifies many things but it is known the world over as a very powerful design. The following om symbols would all make great tattoo designs. Simply print the one you like out and take it in and show it to your tattoo artist so they have an idea of exactly what it is you like. Or, print it out and have a friend touch it up in ways that make the design personal and unique to you. Please just make sure to do your research to ensure that what you are getting is exactly what you want and think it means since tats are permanent.

green om symbol


While I love the colors of the following om symbol, I don’t feel trying to get the colors done as a tattoo. The choice is of course yours, but make sure to weigh the pros and cons of employing color.

om symbol

Om Symbol 5

om symbol 9

As you search for om tattoos on the internet, you may come across om spelled as, “aum”. It’s the same thing, don’t get confused. Please note that with the tattoo design below, part of the image at the top is cut off. It’s a cool design so I wanted to include it, but know that it is incomplete and your artist will have to fix it.
om aum

What a beautiful tattoo the following would make. It would be quite intricate, but a good artist should be able to do it without too much trouble.

om design

om for tattoo

om om

Om sanskrit

The intricacies of the om symbol below wouldn’t translate over to a tattoo which is unfortunate as it’s quite a beautiful design. However, there may be some artists out there that could pull it off if you did enough research and were willing to pay for one that is top of the line. Just be careful as always.

om sanskrit symbol

om sanskrit tattoo

om Symbol


I hope you are able to find a good tattoo design from one of the images above. If not, best of luck with your search. Take your time, don’t let your decision be an emotional one alone, and finally, be sure to sleep on the idea of getting the tattoo once you get a design picked out. Have fun and namaste.

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Welcome to Your Yoga and Sanskrit Tattoo Resource

Greetings, namaste, and welcome to, your resource for sanskrit and yoga tattoo designs and the place you can submit your existing tattoo to find out if it’s hot or not.  With the popularity of yoga increasing dramatically in the west over the last decade, it’s understandable that so many people are choosing to have various sanskrit symbols and yoga symbols tattooed onto their body.

Properly designed and placed yoga and sanskrit symbols can be absolutely beautiful and allows oneself to make their body a template for artwork.  However, on the other side of the coin, poorly placed tattoos or even worse, improperly designed ones can leave a practitioner with something that is little more than a scar.  Therefore, we implore you to do your research and think this very permanent decision over for a long time before you make any final decisions.

The last thing we want is for someone to make an emotional decision without thinking through the potential ramifications or getting an improperly designed tattoo that doesn’t mean what you think it does.  However, once you do get your tat, please feel free to send us a picture and we’ll be happy to post it and give our opinions.

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